Which materials can a KORES glue stick be used on?

KORES glue sticks stick paper, carton, photos and cork.

What should I do after skin contact with a KORES glue stick?

After skin contact with a KORES glue stick, Neon or Chameleon, please wash the skin with soap and water.

How is liquid wood made?

Go to www.kores.com/kores-wooden-technology.htm for a poster that explains it all.

What should I do if KORES glue stick glue gets on my clothes?

KORES glue stick glue is water washable, so it easily washes off with warm water.

Can children use KORES glue sticks safely?

KORES glue sticks are safe for children. They do not contain solvents and are non toxic.

Why is KORES Chameleon glue stick purple?

It is a coloured glue which becomes transparent when dry. It enables you to see exactly where you are gluing and so is recommended for children.

What should I do after skin contact with a KORES liquid glue?

It depends on which kind of glue you are using... when using KORES Glufix, Children's liquid glue and Korfix, please wash with soap and water; when using Power glue or All purpose glue, wash the skin properly with acetone and warm water.

What is the difference between Power glue and Power glue GEL?

Power glue is a universal glue for immediate adhesion. Power glue gel is also universal glue with immediate effect, perfect for sticking on perpendicular surfaces!

Both are ideal for sticking paper, cardboard, photos, textiles, leather, cork, wood, glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal and rubber.

How do I get the best results from KORES Power glue or Power glue Gel?

You should ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry. Then screw the nozzle into the tube. Unscrew the cap, apply a tiny amount of KORES glue to one surface only. Put surfaces together and hold until set.

What should I do after skin contact with KORES Power glue?

In case of skin contact, put acetone (eg. found in nail polish remover) to a cotton swab and apply to the affected area. Then rinse thoroughly with soap and water. In case of problems consult your doctor.

When using Power glue, beware of skin contact and do not inhale this glue. Protect clothing and keep away from children. In case of eye contact rinse with water and seek medical advice.

What should I do after skin contact with a KORES correction fluid?

These products are safe. In case Aqua or Fluid gets on your skin, just wash it with soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Avoid eye contact and swallowing!

What is the difference between KORES Fluid and KORES Aqua?

Fluid is solvent based so you need to use a thinner to keep the liquid consistency.
Aqua is a non solvent, waterbased correction fluid. It is dilutable with water.

How should I use KORES Fluid and Aqua?

It depends if you are using Fluid/Aqua or Fluid Soft Tip/Aqua Soft Tip...
With Fluid and Aqua shake until you hear the mixing ball. Spread the fluid on paper using the easy application brush. Wait until dry then write over it. Close the cap tightly after use.
Fluid Soft Tip and Aqua Soft Tip are equipped with a patented electrostatic foam tip for variable correction width: single, double line and pinpoint. The process is the same as with Fluid and Aqua.

How should I use KORES Metal Tip correction pen for the best results?

It is very easy to use: shake the pen until you hear the mixing ball. Press the tip while pressing the pen on the paper to release the correction fluid and cover the surface.

What are the differences between KORES Ball Tip and KORES Metal Tip?

BALL TIP pen and MINI both have a ball tip whereas METAL TIP has a pin tip. When using BALL TIP and MINI you don't have to squeeze the shaft while correcting, but with METAL TIP you do.

What should I do after skin contact with a KORES correction pen?

All KORES correction pens are safe. Just wash the skin with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

Can I use KORES correction tapes for corrections on photocopies?

Yes! Scooter, Refill Roller, 2WAY and Roll-On don't leave marks or traces on photocopies.

How do I use KORES correction tapes? Are there any differences between the different types?

Roll-On is ideal for sideways application. Just place the correction nose on paper and move from left to right. The "ErgoHold“ design makes corrections very simple. Developed for clean, quick and accurate corrections! Scooter has wheel guide. 2way is unique because of its special soft zone for comfortable grip and it was designed for right and left-handers.

What are the advantages of dry correction?

Dry correction is faster as no drying time is required. It enables immediate writing using ball-points, rollers, fountain pens or typewriters. It corrects in one movement, which makes it more comfortable!

Do KORES NOTES leave any traces when removed?

No, they don't leave any traces when removed & the paper will not curl!

I have bad experiences with stamp pad inks leaving oil traces on the paper. Do KORES stamp pad inks have this problem?

It is impossible when using KORES stamp pad inks. We produce stamp pad inks without oil so that they don't grease the paper.

What should I do after skin contact with a KORES stamp pad / stamp pad ink?

Generally the product does not irritate the skin. Just wash with plenty of soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

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